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Redigierte Publikationen zu 2006-Wienforth-Biogas-Expert


Wienforth, B., Knieß, A., Böttcher, U., Herrmann, A., Sieling, K., Taube, F., Kage, H. (2018): Evaluating bioenergy cropping systems towards productivity and resource use efficiencies: An analysis based on field experiments and simulation modelling. Agronomy 8, 117, doi:10.3390/agronomy8070117.


Wienforth, B., Herrmann A., Sieling K., Ohl S., Hartung E., Taube F. and Kage H. (2010): Biogas-Expert: grassland methane yield and short-term N efficiency of biogas residues. Grassland Science in Europe 15, 229-231.