Abteilung Acker- und Pflanzenbau

Workshop "N-Düngung zu Winterraps"

am 23. und 24. März 2009 in Berlin


Vorträge des Workshops:

Introduction European Workshop: N Fertilization of Winter Oilseed Rape PDF-Präsentation
Berry, Pete, UK Breeding for improved nitrogen use efficiency in oilseed rape PDF-Präsentation
Champolivier, Luc, France The critical nitrogen curve for winter oilseed rape PDF-Präsentation
Christen, Olaf, Germany Greenhouse gas balances – another strong argument to optimize nitrogen fertilization in winter oilseed rape cropping systems PDF-Präsentation
Engstroem, Lena, Sweden Methods to reduce nitrate leaching after winter oilseed rape and peas PDF-Präsentation
Flénet, Francis, France Is there a need for N fertilizer in autumn in winter oilseed rape (WOSR) ? PDF-Präsentation
Grzebisz, Witold, Poland Nitrogen economy of oilseed rape (OSR) canopy during linear period of growth as decisive for final yield?! PDF-Präsentation
Hebinger, Hubert, France N fertilization decision support systems for WOSR based on a predictive balance sheet method PDF-Präsentation
Heim, Norbert, Germany UFOP + Biofuels PDF-Präsentation
Kage, Henning, Germany Influence of crop rotation, tillage and N-Management of OSR on nitrogen leaching PDF-Präsentation
Schulte, Gunda, Germany Genotypic differences in nitrogen efficiency of oilseed rape PDF-Präsentation
Sieling, Klaus, Germany Spring N application depending on crop N uptake in autumn PDF-Präsentation
Spink, John, UK Nitrogen rate and timing to achieve an optimum canopy size PDF-Präsentation
Vavera, R., Czech Republic Nitrogen fertilization of winter oilseed rape during autumn and spring PDF-Präsentation