Agronomy and Crop Science Group



Research Approaches:

The overarching objective of research activities by the Agronomy and Crop Science Group at the CAU Kiel is the development and optimization of integrated crop systems in agriculture. In this context improvement of the efficiency of resource use does play a key role. It is intended to provide a contribution to the development of economically performing, sustainable environmentally friendly production methods.

Projects are located at different levels of systems, focusing on the crop and its interaction with soil and climate. The methodical approach is preferred to be system-oriented and based on mathematical modeling. Field trials on the Experimental Farm Hohenschulen are providing the data basis. On detail aspects, trials are conducted under protected conditions.

Experimental Farm Hohenschulen:

"Die Landwirtschaftlichen Versuchsbetriebe der CAU (2016)"


Fields of research:


        Yield Formation Systems

        Precision Farming

        Production Systems

        Nitrogen Management

        Root Ecology

Nitrogen uptake in the soil